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Mobile phones are the greatest inventions of human mind of all times, isn't it?

Of course, it provides us with the ability to connect to the world anytime, right. So, you can have the whole world at mention of your fingers.

However, the nature of our minds is something like we can’t stick to what’s already there but we quest for something more. And, hence, we desired more and invented the smartwatch. Now, with smartwatch you can get all the features of a phone on your wrist.

Wow, how amazing is that!!!

So, that means you will no longer face more handling issues and there will be no more need for pockets. However, this advancement in technology has also changed the mind-set of people around the world.

I mean just think about those days when people were using the analogue watches and at that time everyone was quite satisfied with that. But now the trend has changed. Now, people like to buy and wear smartwatches.

And, why not? After all, Smartwatches can make our lives less hectic because these smartwatches provide us with on the go connection with smartphones. That means, we can access all the notifications of our phone or check the phone calls without even checking our phones.

However, this is only one feature of a smartwatch. In fact, smartwatches are loaded with a ton of other features additionally such as heart rate monitor, weather predictor apps, calories counter, steps counter etc. which makes them even more useful for the user.

If you are here then that means you’re looking for a budget smartwatch. And, do you know, what’s the beauty of buying a budget smartwatch? It is that they offer a perfect blend of affordability and features. So, even if you don’t want to pay a lot of money for a full-fledged wearable, then also there are several smartwatch brands to go for.

In this article, let’s have a look at 7 best smartwatch under 3000 that you can buy in India. So, let’s get started.

1. Mi Smart Band 5:-

mi smart brand

Price. 2,499

This Mi Smart Band 5 is the latest offering from Xiaomi that they have launched in the fitness band category. This wearable however is the successor of the Mi Smart Band 4. But, it has been designed with a slightly larger display. Plus, it has some new features as well such as a dedicated women's health tracker, stress monitoring, breathing exercises monitoring, and remote shutter along with a Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) Index.

So, it is created to help the users assess their overall fitness. Plus, with this Mi smart band 5 Xiaomi has introduced a magnetic charger on its fitness band for the first time which has eliminated the need to remove the capsule from the strap for the purpose of charging.


• The Mi Smart Band 5 is designed to offer you 11 professional sports modes which were just the six on its predecessor.

• The 11 sports modes are: outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, indoor cycling, walking, elliptical machine, rowing machine, yoga, jump rope, pool swimming, and freestyle.

• Plus, this fitness band monitors your heart rate during your activities. However, it also figures out that when the workout has stopped so that it can pause the tracking automatically.

• It is equipped with a 5ATM waterproofing rating which means you can use this band in a swimming pool as well.

• Moreover, this smart band packs 512KB of RAM as well as 16MB of storage. It supports Bluetooth 5.

• However, the sensors which are on board with this band include a three-axis acceleration sensor, three-axis gyroscope, and a PPG heart rate monitor etc.

• Last but not the least, the Mi Smart Band 5 is compatible with all the phones running with Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above.

2. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Full Touch Control Smart Watch

mi smart brand

Price. 2,999

The ColorFit Pro 2 is the second generation of the most popular smartwatch by noise, “the ColorFit Pro”. This smartwatch features a stylish design and a gorgeous 1.3" full touch color display. Moreover, it has got a complete health and activity tracking with its 9 sports modes. Plus, you can get call, text & social media notifications on your wrist itself while controlling music playback. However, it equips some more features that add further to the experience.


• Your favorite smartwatch brand “Noise” has designed this smartwatch to be super-light as they have used an impact-resistant polycarbonate body in this particular smartwatch which make this watch very stylish.

• This watch also provides you with a complete health tracking as this watch equips some very useful activity and health tracking features including step tracking, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, calories burned, sedentary alarm, and female cycle tracking etc.

• Additionally, this watch has got a 3.3 cm (1.3) color display with a full capacitive touch screen that makes this smartwatch look nice and hence it is much easier to use than the screens we find on our conventional smartwatches.

• Moreover, this smartwatch by noise has got an impressive battery performance with the ten-day battery life which avoids the need to frequently recharge your smartwatch.

• Plus, this Noise smartwatch allows you to take it with you when you go out for a jog as it is IP68 rated and it is waterproof so rain and sweat are not going to bother your smartwatch.

• And last but not the least, this smartwatch equips some smart features such as it allows you to get real-time updates from your smartphone. Plus, you also have an option to use this smartwatch to control the music playback on your smartphone. It also has the "find my phone" feature.

3. OnePlus Brand : Smart Everywhere

mi smart brand

Price. 2,499

In every January, we all make a new years’ resolution to stay fit and as we all know how 2020 was and it made us realize the need of taking our health more seriously now. So, it seems to be just the right time for OnePlus to launch their first fitness band, which they call the “OnePlus Band”. However, it can be a right choice if you’re looking for a smartwatch under 3000.

However, one thing about this band that will definitely catch your attention immediately is the presence of SpO2 tracking. This SpO2 tracking is a helpful health metric to track and it is especially useful in this current global pandemic situation. Let’s find out some of its amazing features.


• The Oneplus band features a large and vibrant AMOLED display which helps you view the time as well as your fitness stats with ease. However, it also allows you to personalize the watch face of your smatwatch according to your style and personality.

• Moreover, this smartband equips 13 exercise modes including run, fat burn run, outdoor walk, yoga, cricket, badminton, outdoor/indoor cycling, pool swimming, free training etc.

• This smartband provides you with the seamless connectivity with your phones. That means, once this smartband is paired with a compatible device then it allows you to enjoy quick controls of features, such as music controls, camera shutter controls etc.

• Plus, it also equips some amazing features such as find my Phone feature, weather notifications, call notification/rejection, message notification, and more. In addition to that, OnePlus Health app also offers a wide variety of health insights.

• At first, this smartband keeps a track of your SpO2 levels during the night. Plus, it also tracks your sleep patterns while offering a better understanding of your blood oxygen saturation levels and sleep.

• Moreover, this smartband tracks your heart rate throughout the day while helping you gauge your heart rate while exercising. This feature enables you to know that if you’re training correctly or not.

• You can also easily personalize this smartband as it allows you to change the straps according to your choice which helps you transform the look of this smartband suited to your personal style.

• Last but not the least, this Oneplus band features 5ATM and IP68-rated that makes this smartband waterproof and dust resistant. So, this smartband can withstand dust, dirt, and sand that make it a great choice for outdoor use.

4. HONOR Band 5

mi smart brand

Price. 1,999

This Honor band 5 has been designed for our fashion lovers who don’t want to wear the same thing again and again. That means, this smartwatch allows you to switch the watch face according to the place and occasion you’re going in. So, no matter, whether you’re wearing it at home, office, or gym you'll find fresh, trendy, and switchable watch faces for every occasion, at the brand new Watch Face Store of Honor and give your smartwatch a whole new look every time. However, it equips a lot of more features which are as follows.


• First of all, this fitness band equips an AMOLED display that makes the things easier for you as I can display up to 45 characters with color-coded texts and call icons.

• Plus, it has got a SpO2 feature that helps you to keep track of your oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream easily. So, it allows you to see the way your body is adapting to different exercise routines.

• Moreover, you can also pair this Honor Band 5 with your smartphone to let it perform a wide variety of tasks including switching songs or adjusting the volume etc.

• This smartband has also got a 24-hour heart rate monitor that leverages an AI-driven algorithm to provide you with the correct readings. Plus, this band also utilizes the Infrared technology that monitors your heart rate consistently at night.

• This fitness band comes up with the HUAWEI TruSleep technology that monitors and analyses your sleeping heart rate and breathing. So, you can take a closer look at your sleeping habits and patterns.

• In addition to all of the above features, this fitness band by honor has also got 10 fitness modes. Plus, it has an advanced running planner that helps you to enhance your workouts.

• This band also shows some important data including your heart rate, stride frequency, calories burned, and aerobic/anaerobic training results.

5. Mi Smart Band 4

mi smart brand

Price. 2,999

This Smart Band by Mi is an affordable fitness band. However, with this Mi Band, Xiaomi has introduced a color display along with a swim tracking while offering a 20-day battery life. So, we’re getting a device with an AMOLED color display which comes up with lots of watch faces, which are nice to have. However, the Mi Smart Band 4 will cost you a little more than the Mi Band 3, but you will get some new features that make it worth purchasing for the price paid. Let’s find out some amazing features of this smartband by Mi.


• At first, the Mi Smart Band 4 has been equipped with an intuitive touchscreen display which has the brightness levels up to 400 nits. Plus, this full-color AMOLED display of this smartwatch has five levels of brightness.

• Moreover, this smart band also lets you enjoy a beautiful combination of fashion and feature. That means, you can choose from a range of watch faces which are available on the device. Plus, you can also customize it using any image from your smartphone gallery.

• In addition to that, this Mi band also smartly monitors your sleep cycle and gives you a detailed analysis of the same. This feature helps you to understand your overall sleep pattern and help you take some corrective measures.

• Plus, this Mi Smart Band 4 wakes you up with a very light and gentle vibration while making sure that you wake up fresh and energetic to take on the world.

• This smart band also comes up with a heart-rate monitoring feature that helps you to keep a tab on your overall well-being while providing you with timely alerts and updates.

• And lastly, it has got some smart features that let you monitor your calls without having to reach for your smartphone. Also, the wide display of this band also allows you to read your messages at the moment they come so that you don’t miss out on important alerts.

6. Fire-Boltt Full Touch Smart Watch
mi smart brand

Price. 1,599

This Fire-Boltt smart watch comes up with a full touch-screen for easy viewing purposes. Plus, it helps you to monitor your blood pressure as well as heart rate easily. Additionally, it comes up with a powerful battery that lasts for 8 days to allow you to avoid charging frequently. It is waterproof which makes it durable as well. And, in addition to all that, it has seven sports modes for cycling, running and more which makes it a must-have smart watch.


• This smart band by Fire-Boltt comes up with an optical heart rate sensor which provides you with real time monitoring of heart rate during your exercises. With this smart band, you can keep a track of your SPO2 to ensure a good & healthy life.

• Plus, it allows you to measure your blood pressure at all times. That means, Heart Rate, SPO2 and BP Tracking all are available in this Smart Watch. However, you can get the report directly with the integrated App.

• Plus, this watch is slim & exquisite as well as it comes up with a removable watch strap. And, it features a Full HD Touch Display along with a Wrist Sense that turns on the display.

• It equips a 1.4" color display along with a full capacitive touch, supporting taps and swipes. Hence, it is very easy to read and operate. It has also got a transparent 2.5D curved glass with a resolution of 240*240 pixels.

• This smart band by fire boltt also comes up with a 8 days battery life which avoids frequent charge and allows you to focus on your daily activities.

• However, you can track every step and activity because it comes up with 7 workout modes including walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, Count steps, distance, and calories burned etc.

• Last but not the least feature of this watch is that it is waterproof. So, you should never remove the watch in any case of sweating or rains or water contact.

• So, you are getting all In One Smart Coach that allows you to track your Daily Steps, Fitness, Sports, Heart Rate and SPO2. And, this smart watch allows you to make fitness your habit.

7. Redmi Smart Band
mi smart brand

Price. 2,999

The Redmi Smart Band is one of the most affordable fitness trackers in Xiaomi's lineup of smart watches as it is a smartwatch under 2000. However, it makes a few compromises in terms of design and functionality but still you can expect a color touch screen LCD along with a heart rate monitor, water-resistance, and customizable watch faces.

As I told, the design of the Redmi Smart Band is basic and the appearance of the band is also pedestrian but luckily it gives you some options that you can choose from to get it in other colors such as blue, orange, and green that makes it look a bit more interesting. However, if you’re looking for the best smartwatch under 2000 then this could be the best option for you.


• This smart band by Redmi provides you with the direct USB charging that means you have no need to carry charger around and can avail hassle-free charging with in-built USB connector

• Plus, it has got a 1.08" (2.74 cm) Full touch color display that has adjustable screen brightness and dynamic display. It has been made fully touch screen to make your experience smoother.

• It also provides you with long battery life that means you get a long standby time of up to 14 days on a single charge.

• Additionally, it comes up with a feature of 24 x7 Heart Rate Monitoring with that you can track your heart rate in real time while keeping your health in check throughout the day.

• It moreover is 5ATM Water Resistant that lets you enjoy you swimming sessions as you can go up to a depth of 50 m for 10 minutes.

• It also offer you 50+ Watch Faces that means you can wear a new look everyday with a huge collection of watch faces

• In addition to that, it also equips 5 Professional Sports modes that suit your exercise regime such as Outdoor running, Cycling, Treadmill, Power Walking, Freestyle exercise

• It also gives you the sleep monitoring features that allows you to track the duration and quality of your sleep so that you can sleep better and live better

• And, lastly, it equips 30 + Smart Features including some amazing features such as App Notifications, Music Control, Alarm, Call Silence/Reject, Weather forecasts, Idle alert etc.

Winding Up

So, these smartwatches were our pick for the best smartwatch under 3000s. However, we can assure you that opting for any of the above mentioned smartwatches will be equally beneficial because they all are here to offer a wide range of features along with some intricate specifications.

We hope you find our post helpful. We will keep sharing some more review guides to help you out to choose best smartwatch as per your requirements. Till then, stay safe and stay tuned with us!!!