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In this competitive era, what do you think is important to win the recognition in the Online Marketing World? The answer is of course, build a trustworthy website and earn the top ranking positions in Google to drive more traffic. But did you realize that with billions of websites available on Google or other search engines, how daunting it may get to stand out in that crowd? No doubt, optimizing a website requires a lot of efforts and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be an overwhelming task which requires the right guidance.

ITDigiTech is a leading SEO Company in India serving the USA Clients just by assuring them to gain the top place in the SERPs. We are efficient enough to make a difference to you business with our advance SEO Services which are designed as per Google’s guidelines. We leverage the up to date & result oriented SEO techniques. With our professionally certified team of SEO Experts you have no need to worry about your business’ safety as in any case if there is latest search engine optimization updates or other algorithmic changes integrated by Google, We work uniquely to keep you safe in any situation.

So, our in house team of SEO consultants with years of hard earned experience is ready to serve you with their expertise. Please have a look on our Advanced SEO Strategies below.

Our Advance SEO Services:

Evaluation of Website Content:

As we all know that the original and unique contents on a website ensure the better rankings on Google. So, we perform the following actions:

  • Analysis of Website Content for Newness and Uniqueness
  • Analysis of Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Analysis of Content-Keyword Density

Check for HTML Code, Meta Tags & Broken Links:

We check for the proper codes, tags and broken links, as we understand that the proper HTML codes, well connected links & Meta tags are extremely important for getting a positive conversion ratio. We ensure the following:

  • There shouldn't be Broken Links
  • HTML Code is in Place
  • Meta tags are Proper

Advanced Keyword Analysis:

The analysis of keywords helps to classify the main search terms on the basis of the relevance & their competition. Moreover, it provides a data of phrases through which people search for particular services or products. Our Keywords Research process includes the following:

  • Analysis of Keyword’s Competition
  • Analysis of Keyword Density
  • Analysis of Keyword Prominence

Analysis of Competitors:

The competitor analysis is very important for getting effective and guaranteed SEO results. Our SEO experts leverage some very effective strategies to beat your competitors which include the following:

  • What the competitors are doing
  • How they are doing that effectively
  • Keyword Selection as per Competitors
  • Decision of Required Budget & Plan of Attack.

Analysis of Page Ranking:

At ITDigiTech, we examine website’s all webpages to see at what position it stands on Google. As the page ranking depends upon on the quality of your webpage’s content and number & quality of backlinks connected to your website. So, we analyze the following:

  • The Quality of Page Content
  • The Quality & Quantity of Backlinks
  • The Rank Analysis for Each Webpage.

In-Depth Analysis of URLs:

The URL which is short and understandable considered as the best URL and if users are able to recognize the page’s content with its URL, then you must have done a great job. So, it is always beneficial for users and your website to have a keyword- rich URL. We perform the following actions:

  • Analyze the Existing URLs for their Performance
  • Develop the Keyword Rich & Effective New URLs
  • Create the Short but Understandable New URLs whenever Required
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