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Flipkart Advertising Services

ITDigiTech is here to help you fly in the world of online retail marketing with its properly managed Flipkart Advertising Services. Flipkart is one of the biggest online marketplaces in India and as the leading provider of Registration, Listing, Advertising, Flipkart Marketing and Catalogue Services of Flipkart in India, we have the expertise and knowledge of how Flipkart works and also a deep understanding of what online buyers require from online product sellers.

We are a well known name in the Digital Marketing Industry and we are one of the leading Flipkart Sponsored Service providers in Delhi, India. A well qualified, trained and experienced team is here to offer the best in class Product Listing Advertising (PLA) services on Flipkart. We are the dynamic Flipkart Service Providers in Delhi and we have strong work ethics and commitments towards work & better results. We also offer varied services across the spectrum of digital marketing.

Introduction: Flipkart Platform –

Talking further about Flipkart, Flipkart holds the promise of a huge boost in your business revenues when you join their platform as a seller. For becoming a successful seller on Flipkart you need many things i.e. Great Cataloguing, Proper Listing, Excellent Advertising and Best Product Listing Ads (PLA). This is where ITDigitech proves to be your friend. We set you off to a running start with superb "Flipkart Seller Registration Services","Flipkart Listing Services", Flipkart Marketing Services & "Flipkart Catalogue Services".

First of all a seller needs to register himself on Flipkart. During registration a seller is approved with the quality parameters and terms and conditions of Flipkart Marketplace. After registration a seller can list their own products or in fact, flipkart gives sellers an opportunity to choose from the list of

products that Flipkart already has. But for those products also sellers need to choose their own pricing and shipping details. They can also opt some offers to attract the buyers. However, these offers require approval from Flipkart’s and after that only the products will show on the site.

Moreover, Flipkart also has their logistics in place and very sellers can take advantage of their logistics. After the sale process has completed then Flipkart will transfer the money to seller’s accounts on the periodic basis. Most importantly, the Flipkart also offers the options like cash on Delivery and EMI option that extended to the sellers. Flipkart offers advantage for the buyers, the third party sellers as well as for the E-commerce websites.

What Services ITDigiTech Provides?

If you want Flipkart Advertising Services, ITDigiTech is your answer. Our team of professionals handles the visuals of your online presence on Flipkart. We will also provide the services like:

1. Flipkart Seller Registration Service  

Anyone who wishes to sell products on Flipkart need to first undergo the Flipkart business registration process. A seller can register as sole proprietor, in partnership or as a private limited company. ITDigiTech provides you the hassle free flipkart seller registration service and what you need to do is just provide us the required documents and we will get your registration done.

2. Flipkart Listing Services  

At ITDigiTech we compile information about products, concisely written yet informative/persuasive text about your product and upload images to your product pages according to the template norms of Flipkart. And after doing that we make your products live by taking the brand approval from Flipkart.

3. Flipkart Sponsored Services  

The Flipkart Sponsored Services also known as Flipkart Advertising Services or Flipkart Product Listing Ads (PLA) or Flipkart Marketing Services are for the seller who wish to take their sales to next level using paid advertising. At ITDigiTech, we handle your Flipkart account by creating the ad campaigns and managing and analyzing them continuously.

4. Flipkart Catalogue Services  

It is not just about Flipkart but in case of any E-commerce website we should use Enriching catalogues that customers love. ITDigiTech offers you the best Flipkart Catalogue Services while offering you the:

• Digital photo image that help you generate more sales.

• We offer important information through pictorials.

• Incorporate interaction that is easy to remember.

• Get prolific results through our catalogue building services.

• Through powerful cataloging, we give elaborate product detailing.

• Our creative catalogue makeup will cater you with the best of promotions.

We aim to assist our clients with the best techniques so that to drive visibility and more sales. Our Flipkart Expert team guides the sellers and provides customized solutions to achieve successful results. Let’s have a look at our service benefits.

• Increased Visibility

• Increased Sales

• Increased Online Presence

• The best in class Customer Service

Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best Flipkart service providers in Delhi, India let’s get in touch with ITDigiTech. Our team will guide you about Flipkart sells tricks as well as it helps in achieving your business target. You will get best Flipkart services at a reasonable price and we will surely give you the desired results.

What you need to do is inform us your brand approval details by Flipkart and provide the log in ID and password. With the login details we will be able to access your section to upload content. You may or may not submit details of each product but we will suggest you to fill full details because buyers rely on the maximum information.

Let us i.e. ITDigiTech partner up with you in your search for online success through our Amazon Marketing Services. You can also avail our listing and cataloging services because it is the first step to impress visitors and convert them into buyers. Best of all is you can get all the Flipkart services under one roof. So, ITDigiTech is the answer to all your questions related to Flipkart.